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NextUp Music takes the stress out of playing music at a party or event by allowing you to queue music from your own phone. The NextUp Music currently supports Spotify and YouTube (soon to add Apple Music and SoundCloud) allowing you to queue any song from one of these sources onto a shared playlist between you and your friends!

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Classic Mode

With the Classic Mode, users can pick a song for the queue to be played.

Democracy Mode

With the Democracy Mode, users are able to queue songs which can be voted on amongst the partiers.

Dictatorship Mode

With Dictatorship Mode, users can request a song, however, the “Dictator” ultimately has the power to choose the song.


Round Robin Mode

With the Round Robin Mode, everyone in the party gets a turn to play their favorite song!

Coming Soon!

Look out new mode coming soon!

dual phone

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NextUp Music is a social jukebox app that allows users to queue music through Spotify and Youtube at events. Available through Google Play Store and App Store
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